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this shit disgusts me…


I wish there was an explanation for this shit.

no comment.

this is what im saying though.

Omg you guys are ridiculous! She isnt skin bleaching. Ever heard of a tan? In the summer time get get black just like her and in the winter I’m high yellow. SMH

dumb asses. Lighting And the color of your hair also change the way your skin color looks. Plus she’s wearing black. In one picture and white in another. So dumb.

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Posted: Mon March 26th, 2012 at 2:12pm
Originally posted by sexyteensbeachparty.
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    It’s called a tan. I had one.
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    Who cares about one person that much? It’s her skin.
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    Did she get her skin bleached? She started out brown skin now she’s all light skin and shit lol
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    Don’t come for Queen Bey she did not send for you. All of you mother fuckers up there. She is the puppet master.
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    Leave Gwyneth Paltrow alone she has nothing to do with Beyonce
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    She’s a puppet
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